Hi, I’m Christina (“Chrissy”); welcome to the new online home of my transgender-themed fiction. I make no claims to any real literary skills; my stories no doubt contain many technical and procedural inaccuracies but they are simply the product of my imagination and nothing more. My sole motive for writing and posting them is that others will read and (hopefully!) enjoy them. I want to thank all my good friends whose support and encouragement have kept me going on this project through some difficult times.

If you enjoy my writing (or even if you don’t), please consider taking a moment to leave feedback. Your email address will not be made public, nor will it be used for anything other than direct contact from the author. I’m also always happy to receive messages via the ‘Contact’ link on the homepage.

Thank you for reading,

Christina Bowman.

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Transgender-themed fiction by Christina Bowman.

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